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We deliver the essences of the 3 well-known manufacturers:

Australian Bush Flower Essences

(the original by Ian White)

Australian Flower Essences

(Love Remedies)

Living Essences of Australia

(Fam. Barnao)

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MD Peter J. Mewes Bushflower specialist

MD Peter J. Mewes

Founder of DocMeRo and specialist for Australian Bush Flower Essences.

Phd Roman H.G. Roetting CEO of DocMeRo

Phd Roman Roetting

Partner and CEO of DocMeRo. He is the owner of Australian Flower Essences.

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Central Shop DocMeRo

This is our central shop with all Australian Bush Flower Essences and much more.

Have a look at: https://docmero.com

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