Angelica Australian Flower Essences

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Love Remedies

Australian flower essences

Flower Essence 15 ml


(Archangelica archangelica)

  • Clearer insight through challenging times.
  • Integrates one closer to the divine and your higher self.
  • Being open to the angelic energies.
  • Enhances meditation and psychotherapy.
  • Angelica is the spiritual remedy.

Affirmation: I trust my inner beliefs

Content: 15 ml

Alcohol: 12.5 % Vol.

nutritional details: energy 78,2 kcal/ 28 kJ, fat 0,0g, carbs 0,7g, proteins 0,0g.

Legal advice:

Flower Essences and remedies are food - Art. 2 of VO (EC) Nr. 178/2002- and have no scientifically proven effect on body and mind. All declarations refer to energetic aspects like aura, meridians, chakras ecc.

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