The dosage of australian bush flower essences

The dosage of australian bush flower essences

Depending on the manufacturer the dosage varies a little.

First of all you should follow the prescription of your doctor or therapist. Nevertheless we would like to share the experiences of the 3 most important manufacturers with you.

Basically it applies to all flower essences: If you feel the need of a different dosage, then follow your intuition.That is definitely the right decision for you.

Common to all the flower essences is that it is helpful to imagine the positive effect of the flower on you to detach the negative effect.

The essences act self-regulating: Only those accumulated emotions which the individual can assimilate and solve, will be released in the treatment time.

Australische Blütenessenzen Love Remedies Angelica

LOVE REMEDIES Australian Flower Essences

Please place 3 drops, of the 15ml flower essence, 3 times a day before meals, under the tongue. You can also put 6 drops into a glass of water, stir thoroughly, and sip it throughout several hours. The bottle lasts for about 3 weeks, if used regular. To achieve the best results it is recommended to use up the whole bottle.

Australian Bushflower Essences

IAN WHITE Australian Bush Flower Essences

Recommendation for the 15ml flower essence as follows: Place 7 drops under the tongue every morning and evening (once you get up and when you go to bed). Continue for 2 weeks, if not otherwise prescribed. If necessary the essences can be taken for a longer period of time.

Living essence australian bushflowers


The ideal dosage is to place 1 drop under the tongue, 6 times a day.

Alternatively you can drink half a glass of water with 6 drops in the morning and in the evening.

These 15ml will last about 4 weeks. Remember to finish the whole bottle.

Beyond you can find specific applications, like rubbing it into the affected chakra or over the meridians. It can be added to creams and you can even take a bath with the flower essences, which achieves an excellent effect. Just rely on your creativity; it will be the right thing for you to do.

Certainly you can consult us if you have any further questions.