Australian flower essences for animals

Australian Bush flower essences are wonderful for animals.

Consistently you can say that animals respond excellent to the flower therapy.

After all we are familiar with the fact that animals instinctively eat certain herbs, plants or flowers to protect themselves from diseases or parasites. In this context the newest scientific studies are dealing with chimpanzees. Unfortunately we can only provide a little information, as it would be too much information at once. We therefore ask for your understanding, thank you. Nevertheless, we can help you and your animal. There is a “basic formula” for the translation of the dosage. We recommend you arrange a consultation with an educated animal non-medical practitioner or an animal homeopath.

Ian White has written a book on this subject that you can find in the shop.

Animal Healing Ian White

  A very special bushflowers product for animals is Pet Calm from Living Essences.

  You will find it down here.