Australian flower essences for kids

Australian flower essences for kids

The therapy with the bush flower essences is an outstanding way to treat children.

Due to our knowledge children react extremely positive to this kind of treatment. It helps them to solve their emotional themes and to lead a continuing untroubled life.

The dosage is the same as given to adults. The positive effects can already be seen within a few days.

Usually children do not like “medicine”.

That is different with the bush flowers.


Children are our future!

They can be our great love but then turn into an “agonizing spirit”.

That is absolutely the way it should be. They only show us our own deficits and they are mostly overstrained. That can be seen in their school performance and in their behavior in private environments like at home.

Although this means they are calling for help.

Australian Bush flower essences can support sustainable!

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Happy Healthy Kids