Information about australian flower essences therapy

Information about australian flower essences therapy

The flower essences therapy with the help of the Australian bush flower essences is one of the oldest healing methods to help the body to support its self-healing process.

The flower essences with their wholesome remedy help people to get through different circumstances in life. They give us clarity to be able to change something by ourselves. Especially the self-healing process is being activated and strengthened.

Up to the present time Dr. Edward Bach is the known manufacturer and user of this method, although he was not the inventor. He was the one in Europe who focused on their scientific effectiveness. Therefore one could see him as one of the famous people like Goethe and Kant at that time. We should be thankful to him, that he has opened our eyes to this matter, as he did not always enjoy his work.

At the same time we have to mention, that nearly every ancient culture has already worked with flower essences. At the foot of the Cheops-pyramid for example, we can find about 300 homeopathic recipes graved in stone. For relief treatments

the shamans in other countries even knew how to make recipes out of herbs and medical flower plants.

Their knowledge was not written down but was communicated verbally. The Aborigines as a nation living close to nature and spirituality were blessed with a variety of different plants. As they were nomads they dependent on treatments with the help of herbs and flowers. The Aborigines consider everything as a whole to maintain harmony. Therefore they are well aware of the disharmony that is caused by the illness of the spirit. Now it becomes obvious, this was the moment of the birth of the emotional-flower-therapy.

All over the world insiders of the flower essences will appreciate the Australian flower essences.