About us

About us

The company Wunder-Schön Naturprodukte was founded in 2003



My name is Roman H.G. Rötting and I founded the company in Hespe/Stemmen in Germany in 2003. At first I mainly focused on structuring, on arts and on offering natural healing methods and products. All in all it started as a hobby and slowly developed into a profession.


Due to personal circumstances I moved back to my home town in Bad Bentheim (Germany) near the Dutch boarder. In the mean time I started working with the Australian flower essences under the trade mark of Love Remedies. The business developed rapidly.


I expanded and established a new branch called WUNDER-SCHÖN Naturprodukte in Aschaffenburg in Bavaria (Germany).My work was concentrated on sales and giving training lessons on Australian flower essences. Throughout the years I led many therapists to their qualification. This was the time I met a lot of interesting people who inspired my work until today.


A year later we introduced the Australian Bush Flower Essences by Ian White and the Living Essences of Australia to our product range. We started the internet shop under That was a big challenge for us with remarkable consequences. Even the business with the vital plasters which I imported from Japan grew rapidly.


We had to look for new locations as we ran out of space. During a seminar in Switzerland I personally met Ian White for the first time. He is the founder of the Australian Bush Flower Essences. Our meeting will always be kept in good memories.


In March I discontinued the business with the profitable vital plasters to concentrate on the fower essences. After my visit to Australia in September I faced another challenge. The company WUNDER-SCHÖN Trading & Publishing (WTC Roman H.G. Rötting) was founded in Heerlen (Netherlands). Its task was to set up the business for the Australian flower essences of Love Remedies in the European market. It was a big risk but business expanded.


The main importer of the Love Remedies changed the label unauthorized. This led to a disapproval of the producer Kneippcure Australia and caused disastrous consequences. Sales increased rapidly (minus 30%). As a result Kneippcure Australia signed up new contracts. The image and the appearance of the Love Remedies have to be the same all over the world.


The former importer of the Australian flower essences and sprays did not implement the changes. Therefore the contract was resigned in April and we could take over the distribution rights. Another challenge for our company. Since then we are a partner of Kneippcure Australia in Europe. We are happy to see, that there is a straight line in the product range of the Love Remedies that enables to help humans and animals in such a wonderful way.


The journey of WUNDER-SCHÖN Naturprodukte continues. After having managed difficult times another disappointment followed. We were sued by federation for using our wordings to explain the Love Remedies. The court mainly agreed and we had to pay a lot of money. At the same time the company in Australia offered us to expand and to operate international concerning sales. We found a suitable location in England therefore our office in the Netherlands was closed. Since then the company WUNDER-SCHÖN Naturprodukte is situated in London as a Ltd. establishment. Towards the end of the year the office in Bad Bentheim will close down as we want to concentrate on our business, on trainings and on seminars of the Australian flower essences.


It is our aim to spread the information on Australian flower essences and to share our experiences with people all over the world. Also it is our aim to continue being successful and helpful with our Australian flower essences. Hoping that politics and the pharmacy industry sees the real treasure of the flower essences, which have helped humans and animals for centuries.

Now we are:

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