Production of Australian flower essences

Production of Australian flower essences

We begin with the classical method by Dr. Bach who created the well known Bachflower Essences.

1. The “cooking method”:

Dr. Bach uses this method for special flowers such as tree blossoms. The flowers together with the leaves and the branches were boiled in a pot without a lid for half an hour. To cool down the pot was then placed into the cold.

Then the flowers, leaves and branches were removed. Finally, the liquid was filtered and preserved.

2. The “sun method”:

Dr.Bach used wildly grown flowers that fade after lying about three hours on the water in the blazing sun. He realized then that the power of the flowers is transferred to the water. In his time the soil was still fairly well in Europe.The Australian sun is much stronger than in England, and the flowers are different. For some flowers, it does not matter whether they have water or not available, like the hibiscus for example. You can pick the flowers in the morning and put some in water, others are simply put on a table. All flowers are the same during the day looking good and then they fad in the evening. Some Australian flowers do not fade after three hours of strong sunlight and even without water. Nevertheless, the water takes on the frequency of the flowers. The sun is so strong in Australia that the cooking method would not need to be applied in winter.

In this conventional way most essences are obtained, including the ones of IAN WHITE and the LIVING ESSENCES.

3. The “sun and moon method”:

This is an old tradition. The flowers are placed in a glass filled with water. They have to be well covered with water. The glass container should not be tightly closed, but only covered with a cloth that is fixed by a rubber ring at the top edge of the glass to keep insects away. Then the glass is placed in natural light for 24 hours. Even if it is an overcast day, the sunlight is sufficient. At night the moonlight has its influence because moonlight is reflected sunlight. After 24 hours, the essence is ready. It is not only recommended to be used for health, but it also helps to become rich. Of course one should not interpret this application goal the wrong way. For the primitive peoples wealth is set equal to health. A healthy person can hunt, fish, harvest the fruits of nature and defend himself.

4. The “ Trenorden method”:

Jan Trenorden has also done pioneering work in the field of flower essences. She uses all the valuable parts of plants not only the flowers. The other life stages of a plant are as important as the bloom time. The maturity time of the plants is very important. The seed is at least as important, because here the plant focuses on the survival of the species. Therefore the plant transforms all the available power into the seed. But the highlight of a plant is to shine in all its glory in perfection. Jan Trenorden does not remove the flowers or the leaves of a plant. She places a water-filled vessel next to the plant and bends the blossom or the leaves into the water. The basic recipe comes from the well-known flower essences. However, it can be used not only for the flowers, but also for other parts of the plant. Mrs.Trenorden is a specialist for flower essences. She often recommends to use other parts of the plants or even to use the whole plant for the essences to fight different diseases. To produce an essence, you have to fill a clay pot (not lead-based painted pots) with pure water (tap water is not pure). It does not have to be a clay pot. You can also use a new clean jar. For extraction you take the flowers that are recommended against the various diseases and place them into a container filled with water letting the sun light have an influence…unfortunately we do not have any more knowledge about this method.

5. The “Stepanovs method”

For more than 15 years Mrs. Stepanovs is dealing with flower essences. Just like the Aborigines and Mrs. Trenorden, she works with the living flower as well as with other parts of the plants directly on the plant to gain their essences. This is done through special vessels that are attached directly to the flower. The sunlight lets the flowers “sweat out” 8g of pure essence per day. By working directly on the living plant the flowers do not have to be cut off. The elemental force or as the Chinese have known for thousands of years, the Qi energy of the plant can continue to circulate and be transferred. Choosing the right water for the production of the original Bach essences can be quite difficult. With the help of the Stepanovs method, the water is absorbed from the plant itself. Therefore the essence is extremely specific, lively and perfectly pure. With this method only wild plants are "tapped". In reference to the knowledge of the Aborigines each plant has found its unique place where no other plant could grow. In these places, in a completely natural environment, its natural force can develop in a perfect pure form. Only in these special places the flower can fully develop and pass on its original power. Therefore it is obvious to go without cultural cultivation. But that means that the flower essences have to be collected from all parts of Australia. The different bush plants have to be found in the places of origin. Compared to other manufacturers this is a significant and more complex process.

Only the "Love Remedies" are obtained in this way.