Australian Bush Flower Essences for animals

Pet calm is designed to calm stressed animals and is very effective for all stress related conditions including, car sickness, emotional stress, fretful behavior and anxiety.

Pet Calm was first designed to aid injured wildlife in Australia. When used on these animals it truly proved amazing - In Australia little Joeys (baby Kangaroos) remain alive in their mothers pouch after the mother has died for whatever reason.

Before using Pet Calm the fatalities amongst the more immature Joeys rescued (called “Pinkies” because they don't have grown hair yet) was around the 80%, however after using flower essences formulas from Living Essences of Australia the situation was reversed, more than 90% survived.

It is well known that the causes of the deaths are from the stress of being torn too early from what is really an external womb, the mother kangaroos pouch.